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Opera 7 — русификация, search.ini, etc.

Много полезного для любителей русского языка и браузера Opera 7 можно найти в Мастерской Мангуста.

Opera 7.5 for Linux

And now I’m using Opera 7.5 for Linux. I just copied my cookie file from Windoze version and I’ve got all cookies. It’s very nice and very fast!

In Opera everything looks much better than in Konquer. :)

What I need

I can listen to the misic, see films, view porn, surf internet. I don’t need anything else. Oh, no. I need to switch between English and Russian languages.


Konqueror is nice browser. Good CSS support.

Desktop Linux

Mandrake Linux is my desktop OS now. Theres just one problem — to change input language.


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